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Oriflame Tunisia support the epileptic children and adolescents of Ettafaol association

Eid Al Fiter has always been a special occasion for Tunisians. The end of the holy month Ramadan is celebrated with joy within the family and kids. Oriflame seize this opportunity to bring smile on the faces of the epileptic children of "Ettafaol" association.

The association "ETTAFAOL" for epileptic children and adolescents was established in January 2012.

The main mission of the association is to make the lives of epileptic children together with their families better and easier.

Its objectives:

  • Defending the general interests of families having an epileptic child or adolescent.
  • Ensure special medical and socio-educational needs and / or support and assist parents in dealing with their children
  • Work on providing a better educational support that matches the special epileptic child learning rhythm in public and private schools
  • Create one or more multidisciplinary centers to take care and provide a specialized educational system for the epileptic child with learning difficulties between the age of 6 and 16 years old

As a social responsible company, Oriflame had always the mission to support through its different social activities, the needed and less privileged children and adolescents to build their self-esteem through and have the chance to believe in and live a better life. Based on this, Oriflame Tunisia will give a % of sales on the Exfoliating Shower Gel Raspberry to help those children in realizing their dreams and believing in a better balanced future.

On the same vein and on an international level, Oriflame is a co-founder of the World Foundation for Childhood CHILDHOOD which was founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999. "Childhood" supports nearly 100 projects in 16 countries in the world to ensure a better future for the children and help them have projects for girls and young mothers to change their lives. Oriflame supports the World Childhood Foundation in all its actions and sponsors a variety of projects for children in the markets where it operates and strives to bring about lasting change in the lives of the most vulnerable (children and Women).

Our collaboration with ETTAFAÔL association is a choice from which we are proud and we stay confident that it will reinforce our growing charity programs in the future and especially during July month of July with the special occasion of Eid El Fiter !