An actress, The face of a beauty company - Ezgi Mola

We had a conversation with sympathetic actress Ezgi Mola, who is Oriflame's face since last year. Let's hear from her what it is like being the face of a beuaty brand, and learn some detials about her daily life style, her Christmas style and gift choices in our article.

You have been working with Oriflame for the past one year, what did being the face of a beauty brand change in your life?

It is a very colorful experience for an actress to work with a beauty brand. Actually I have always been interested in makeup, I used to pay attention to the makeup worn in sets but now I have realized how important the ingredients of the products are. I have learnt various beauty hints from the makeup professionals of Oriflame. Even my friends consult me now about makeup.

What was your most unforgettable experience during this period?
I cannot forget trying to pose on the streets of Nişantaşı under the summer sun with my heavy coat, cap and scarf while all my colleagues watched me in their summer outfits as the shooting took place on 25th and 26th August. I cannot but also mention all the passersby wishing me luck. Each and every moment of the shoot was fun and I believe that the reflection of the good energy we felt then could be seen in the pictures taken. I can also not forget how meaningful our visit to TEGV was as it left a deep mark on me. There were people who touched my life when I was a child so I would be very happy if I have been able to touch their lives!

The December catalogue includes the Oriflame products that you yourself tried and liked a lot. How was that shoot different from the other shoots?
The shoot for the December catalogue was colorful and lively. It was for the first time that the photos were taken outside a studio and on streets, cafés or at home and reflected the excitement of the New Year approaching. That’s why the atmosphere was different. In addition, this was a very special project for me as I also contributed to the selection of the products included in the catalogue. It felt very good to share the products that I liked very much. I hope we have been able to convey that warmth to everyone.

What are you going to give as gifts to your beloved ones, could we please get your recommendations for presents?
Although I like giving and receiving presents a lot, it has always been very difficult for me to buy presents on special days like this. Crowded stores, lists, waiting in queues for payment turned the joy of giving and receiving presents into nothing but only tiredness. However, this year everything was very easy and enjoyable. I felt very relieved as the products that I chose from the Oriflame catalogue were delivered to me very easily. I completed my shopping for presents with great joy!

Finally, let’s talk about the New Year’s Eve, could you please share with us a few hints about your style and makeup?
I think the color of the New Year is red! A red dress is an ideal choice to draw all the attention on you on the New Year’s Eve. I am planning to wear special accessories in harmony with what I wear as it is a special night. My eyes will be at the forefront as I always prefer in my makeup. A black eyeliner, an eye shadow of natural tones and a red lipstick are my essentials. I am going to prefer the products that give volume to my hair as I pay special attention to my hair on the New Year’s Eve.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
I wish all women a year in which all of their dreams come true and a year full of beauty.

Words by: Photographs by: Emre Dugru