An interview with Melis Agazat

We all love Melis Agazat's beauty and style! You are about to read a pleasant conversation with ELLE style director Melis on her job and style. You can find also behind the scenes details about our new year catalogue shooting done by Melis and style tips for our new year beauty.

Could you please tell us about a normal day of a style director. Do you have a daily care routine?

Due to my profession, I need to know about latest developments and try and see them for myself. For this reason, my days are quite busy. In addition to attending brand presentations, new collection shows and visiting the atelier of designers, I also pay regular visits to stores. I have to do all of these so that I am up-to-date with fashion and trends of the new season. However, I should also have different sources of inspiration, right? That’s why I include exhibitions and concerts to my daily routine so as to get inspired and nourish my soul. This gives me the chance to finish the days full of rush and meetings in a good way.

How can you define the style of Ezgi Mola? You worked together with her for the December catalogue of Oriflame, how was the shoot? 

I like Ezgi’s natural beauty very much and Ezgi has got a style that is very natural and free of any special efforts. She likes being comfortable. I chose the pieces which I thought she would like and look good with those for our project. She looked very good with those pieces and those were completely in line with the concept of the shoot. Most important of all, I believe that the accessory that looks best on Ezgi is her smile. Her sincere and warm smile fits her perfectly and adds a totally different energy to the shoot.

Could you please share with us your recommendations for the New Year’s Eve? How should our style be if we are going to attend a party?  

I don’t know whether you are aware of it but wearing red or black that night has become a tradition. Maybe people find it much easier but I have to say that the tones of gold are also very popular this year. In addition to the tone of gold, the glam style of 1970s is also trendy. If you would like to look different, I can recommend you the following. For example, you can opt for a white crepe tuxedo. You can combine it with large earrings to add some female look to the tuxedo. I can recommend a comfortable style still in line with the New Year’s Eve concept for those who will stay at home. Knitwear dresses are very trendy this season. So a golden knitwear stretch dress that is both simple and trendy would make you look very beautiful.

What will you wear on the New Year’s Eve, could you please tell us about the outfit, makeup and perfume you will wear that night?

I am planning to wear a dress with gold drape on the New Year’s Eve. As hairdressers are very busy on the last day of the year, I generally prefer to wear my hair in a simple bun myself at home. I am planning to do the same also this year. A perfect makeup and seamless red lips… I am also going to wear red nail polish so as to reflect the harmony of gold and red in a simple style.

My preference for perfume is generally the perfumes with jasmine notes.

Which styles are we going see the most in 2016, which pieces will be the essential pieces for you?

The style of 1970s is popular this year both in glam and bohemian styles.

The forms are not too skinny. We will see more leather, fringes and paisley...

A cashmere turtleneck sweater, a coat with belt of bathrobe type and pair of sneakers can save your weekend. 

Words by: Photographs by: Koray Parlak