Beauty-Battle: Russia vs Sweden

This year Oriflame celebrates 20 years of work in Russia. For 20 years we help Russian women embody their dreams of beauty. We decided to find out how much differs the idea of beauty in Sweden and Russia - perhaps this is the secret of success Oriflame?

In order to compare the idea of ​​beauty in Sweden and in Russia, we have chosen two indisputable beauties - the Swedish top model Elsa Hosk and her Russian counterpart Katya Grigoryeva.
General data: 
Elsa: November 7, 1988 (27 years old) 
Katya:  September 15, 2989 (26 years old)
Favorite sport: 

Elsa: Before starting her modeling career, Elsa played basketball and even was in the Swedish women's basketball league. She left sport when realized that interest in basketball is not as great in Sweden as she wanted it to be. Soon after, she began work as a model on an ongoing basis.
Katya: For ten years Kate was engaged in ballroom dancing, and before the start modeling career, managed to graduate the Murmansk State Technical University, she has a degree in Marketing. 

Famous for: 
Elsa: Thanks to her classic beauty, Swedish model got contracts with major brands: Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, H & M. Elsa started modelling at age 14 in 2002.

"Beauty - is the power that overcomes all boundaries and does not depend on place of birth." 

Katya: Unusual, rare beauty of Katie was not understood at once: she was taking part in the contest "Miss Russia" in 2010 and 2012, Kate for the first time did not qualified for the finals, while the second time she only hit the "top ten". In 2012 she became the runner-up of the competition "Top Model in Russian", and worldwide fame came to her in 2014, when she was opening the Donna Karan show at New York Fashion Week.

Rank on  
Elsa: In the autumn-winter 2014-2015 Elsa was named among the 15 most sexiest models in the world according to
Katya:  Website in the autumn-winter season 2014-2015 named Katya among the best models - the discoveries of the season.

15th of the Top Sexiest Models - One of the Top Newcomer FW/ 2014-15
Elsa: Elsa become the angel Victoria's Secret angel in 2015, before that she worked for the brand for five years (since 2011).
Katya: In 2015, Kate has also become Victoria's Secret angel, previously taking part in shows in 2014 and 2015. 

The iconic look: 
Elsa: Elsa loves to highlight the eyes. This look is perfect for parties! Do you want to learn how to do the expressive smoky eyes? See our master-class!
Katya: Favorite look of Kate - natural makeup. This speaks spring so much! See our video tutorial and you will learn how to create this gentle feminine look.

Preferred hairstyle: 
Elsa: Elsa can often be seen with the center parting - this simple and glamorous hairstyle reminds us of the 60-ies of the last century. Make it easy: just dry the hair, a little stretching, and don’t forget to add some thermal spray before.
Katya: Kate wears her hair on a side parting and prefers straight strand to curly tresses. Hair serum will help you keep straight hair in perfect order - apply it on all length, avoiding the roots and paying special attention to the tips.


Beauty - is the power that overcomes all boundaries and does not depend on place of birth. Oriflame in Russia for 20 years helping women to emphasize their natural beauty with the help of high-quality cosmetics. The Oriflame portfolio sure has something for any beauty, including you!

Words by: Photographs by: Ovidiu Hrubaru, Debby Wong, Fashionstock