5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Lagom into Your Life

Scandi-cool is taking over the world. Everywhere you look, the Scandinavian way of living is catching on. First, it was hygge—the Danish philosophy of cosiness and simply being. Now, it’s Sweden’s turn and the world’s getting turned on to the very Swedish concept of lagom. But what is lagom? And exactly what does it mean? Lagom can be translated as “not too much, not too little,” but it’s pretty much about finding moderation and balance in every aspect of life. Sounds great, right? When you find this happy medium, you’re at your most beautiful and you’ve reached…lagom.

Make life more lagom
Swedish women believe in keeping life simple. It’s something they do in their everyday lives and in their beauty routines.

1. Cut back and relax
Keep things simple. Do you really need 20 tubes of mascara or lipstick when you only use one or two? Streamline your morning routine by getting rid of products you never use or don’t need. Only focus on the ones that deliver the results you love. Look at how much time you saved!

2. Create your capsule wardrobe
Declutter your closet and set aside clothes you no longer like or never use. Instead, focus on versatile garments you love. This will make getting dressed easier and less stressful every morning. And all of those clothes you’ve set aside? Donate them to a local charity.

3. Dare to say no – “me” time is essential
Swedes aren’t afraid of going off on their own when they need it. Why not? We all need a little time to ourselves to recharge our batteries or do something as simple as take a nap or read a book. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Sneak off on your own, find a quiet place where you can focus on you and unwind.

4. Disconnect
Leave your work computer at the office. Turn off your phone. Live in the moment and simply enjoy being. You don’t always have to make yourself available to everyone. You’re allowed to be unreachable or incommunicado. I know it’s hard…just breathe in slowly and exhale…now feel how good it is to be free from the stress of constantly checking messages.

5. Do what makes you happy
There’s what we’re expected to do and what we want to do. Don’t be afraid to set aside other people’s expectations and do what feels right for you. You only live once: do whatever makes you happy.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame