My beauty - And fashion style - Angie & Elena

Angie and Elena Galifa, the two bloggers behind the inspiring fashion site Cool UR Style, won the award Rising Star at Marie Claire Blog Awards 2015. Get inspired by their best beauty- and fashion tips!

Tell us about your inspiring site Cool UR Style. Why do you think it´s so popular?
– It is our big social diary where we post various aspects of our lives, travels, outfits, style and a lot of backstage from different venues. Why it became popular in almost a year and a half? I guess because we are honest and that is something that our readers realized from the very beginning! Also, we show ways of how you can be stylish and look like a million dollars without spending a fortune!

How would you describe your beauty- and fashion style?
– We both like to look feminine and chic, but we also like to find comfortable solutions to our urban street style everyday outfits. The thing that we love the most is mix and match combinations and layering! When it comes to our beauty style, we like to keep it natural, but when we attend events we either go with smokey eyes and nude lips or berry lips and a lot of mascara!

Where do you get inspiration for your style?
– Style is something that you either have or not, and you improve it by seasonal trends! We always get inspired from our travels, we see new things and new cultures, but the biggest inspiration of all is our mom, she has a great 70s-inspired style, so this season we will only borrow stuff from her closet!

What fashion and beauty trends will you try this season?
– Dark berry lips are the hottest beauty trend ever! When it comes to fashion we like the bohemian chic style, knitted dresses, military coats, complete white outfits, velvet and lace dresses, and minimal androgynous looks!

Tell us about your skincare routine?
– We both think that it´s really important to clean the face very well, because if you treat your skin good it will look more fresh, shiny and healthy, especially because we tend to have a lot of makeup during our photo shoots. Also, we dedicate an hour each week to sit together and do a face mask, drink detox tea and relax!

How would you describe the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look?
– Three looks that we prefer; dark lips and natural eyes, red lips and eyeliner, or smokey eyes and nude lips!

Revile your best makeup tricks when you want to give your party look some extra glamour
– Always highlight the area above your cheeks and never go out without enhancing your eyebrows!!

What makeup product do you always have in your party bag?
– A lip gloss and a blush, or the lipstick that we wear that particular moment is more than enough.

Words by: Photographs by: Cool UR Style