My skincare routine – Lea Ikonomou

We decided to give some of our Oriflame Consultants the opportunity to become true NovAge Ambassadors. During the photoshoot we had a chat with Lea Ikonomou, Sapphire Director, to talk about her favorite skincare set.

For how long have you been using the skincare set?
I’ve been using the Ultimate lift skincare set ever since it´s been launched, so for about 8 months.

What has been the biggest noticeable difference in your skin since you started using the skincare set?
The biggest difference that I have noticed is that my skin looks more radiant, hydrated and firmer.

What was your biggest skin concern before you started using the NovAge Ultimate lift skin care set?
My biggest concern was some signs of ageing, such as visible wrinkles and loss of bounce.

What product in the skincare set is your personal favorite?
My favourite product is the face cream, both day and night. It moisturises my skin and makes my wrinkles less visible.

Share your best tips on how to complement the skincare routine
I make sure to complement with a face scrub a face mask twice a week!

Words by: Photographs by: Joao Portugal