Turkey's most successful women share their beauty secrets

Turkey’s most successfull women are together to support education with Oriflame – TEGV collaboration in one of the most significant time of the year-8th March Women's Day! Read our article to inspire the most successfull women’s beauty secrets.

Ayşe Kucuroğlu – Business Women, Mother of 5
"As a working mother of five children, I am using the energy that I get from my children in business, and my energy from business in my family life. I always wear my red lipstick even in this very busy schedule to be sure of my beauty."


Merve Özkaynak – Vlogger
“I give beauty advices to well groomed ladies and my big, beautiful eyes always draw attention. All of the products that I use in my eye makeup are so important and they create an impressive style. I am looking into my life in a beautiful way.“



 Ayşe Tolga – Life couch
When I do my makeup, I use BB Cream to save time in my busy schedule. Having a natural and smooth look gave me self confidence, so I can give my beauty advices with high motivation and inner peace.”



Aydan Taş – Drama Artist
“I got all audiences attention when I am on the stage. I feel self confident and charming with my voluminous hair. The energy coming from my hair makes me perform better.”




Şebnem Burcuoğlu – Writer
“My hands are so precious for me; because I am writing my challenging or cheerful books with them. When my hands are tired from writing, I do my best and pamper them with intense hand creams containing natural ingredients.”



İpek soylu – National Tennis Player
“A large part of the day is going through training for tennis. When I am working hard to achieve my goals, it feels good to be well-groomed, clean and fresh.”


Melis Ağazat – Style Director
“Our clothes mean so much in our lives, but there is something missing without complementary accessories. Shawls, bags, hats change your total style when you combine this pieces with beautiful clothes. We can say totally stylish and beautiful when you have the right accessories.”




Zümrüt Arol Bekçe – BKM General Manager
“I am a manager in art and culture world and that is mean I have to be passionate under intense work pressure. I believe in power of stimulating perfumes for both my business and private life.”


Duygu Yetiş – Artist
“My job is very sentimental both in film set and theatre. The stage and audience is where I am very passionate about. It feels me very beautiful and ambitious when my signature perfume follows me from stage to red carpet.”

Words by: Photographs by: Serkan Emiroglu