Father's Day Gift Guide

You want the perfect present for the most important men in your life? Here’s a guide to find it! Identify your dad in the categories below!

Cool and Modern
Your dad is your best friend and he knows all your stories. He is fun, a bit of a rebel and has that ‘forever young’ attitude. Taking care of his skin is not a matter of being men or women to him but something natural. A nice and original watch can be a great gift. Since he loves feeling young, a hydrating face cream or a fortifying shampoo will work perfectly!

The Classic Gentleman
He adores everything classic. Frank Sinatra and Sean Connery are his icons and we could say your dad is that kind of gentleman hard to find nowadays. He loves a good wine, movies, music and elegant clothes in neutral colors. A wine bottle opener can be a great choice. He may also love a spicy, musky fragrance.

Sporty and Dynamic
Sometimes you come to think he is in better shape than you cause he is a fan of the gymn and sports. Your dad loves open air activities, nature, animals and is always moving cause he gets bored easily. A citric, fougère or aquatic fragrance would be perfect for him or a food supplement.

Practical and Witty
Each time you visit him he is repairing or creating something. Your dad is witty, observant, restless, introverted and loves books. Since he adores functionality, a perfect gift for him would be a multi task tool that he can carry in his pocket or a nice case so he can keep everything in order. He works a lot with his hands so a men-manicure set or a repairing hand cream would suit him perfectly.

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock y Oriflame