Nabil Layachi’s Guide to a Healthy Ramadan

Nabil Layachi is an acclaimed nutritionist, media personality, teacher and philanthropist. This Ramadan, Nabil continues his partnership with Wellness by Oriflame, and has tailor made a nutritional guide that will boost your energy and keep you healthy during the holy month.

You may have seen Nabil Layachi on television. This famous Moroccan nutritionist has been working in the media for over 14years, writing magazine articles, online editorials and hosting radio programs about health and nutrition - over the last five years he’s even hosted a daily TV program!

More than a media personality, Nabil cares for patients at the prestigious university hospital of Avicenne, where he also teaches. And he works with many charities to fight poverty and disease; it is this passion for people and nutrition that makes him an ideal partner for Wellness by Oriflame.

During Ramadan, diet and health are an important consideration. After sunset, it can be tempting to eat a lot of very sweet, high calorie foods in a very short period of time, but this is actually dangerous for your health! That’s why Nabil has created a nutritional guide for Ramadan, so getting all the energy you need is easy (and can be healthy too!).

Ramadan Diet
Meal 1: Ftour
A glass of water + 5 dates

5 minutes later
A fruit or unsweetened fruit juice
100 gr of bread or m'semen or harcha or baghrir or 2 small pizzas or 2 batbouts*
A cheese portion 2 20gr or 2 table spoons of olive oil.
A bowl of soup
Tea or coffee
1/2 an egg or 80 gr of meat, chicken or fish
If harira or belboula no bread or
1 Chbakia or 1 briwa or 1 cake*

Meal 2: Dinner
a fruit
salad vegetables

Meal 3: Shour
a glass of water
5 Dates + 1 portion of Wellness Shakes