Sheep Feast

Morocco is a land of many happy colors, delightful fragrance and of course delicious flavors! And Moroccan people never spare an occasion to put these flavors in tasteful dishes for every occasion!

One of the occasions that are most associated with tasteful food and delicious dishes is the sheep feast! Only this holiday is also associated with the least healthy diets and the greasiest recipes! During this holiday season, nutritional choices we make have never mattered more! Many people consider the sheep feast as an excuse to let go of their guards when it comes to eating healthy. Between all the family gatherings and the dishes made especially for the occasion it is very easy to lose track of what’s healthy and what’s not!
Not this year; Wellness in Morocco, along with the Nutrition and diet expert Nabil Layachi present to you a list of Do’s and Don’ts to enjoy a heathy sheep feast this year.

Make sure the sheep had a natural upbringing and wasn’t fed industrial food
Make sure the Sheep was not kept in a closed barn all the time and had the chance to move often; this way he would have less cholesterol

• Eat a lot of vegetables, like carrots, cucumber and lettuce, they help absorb the extra fat thanks to the high level of fibers
• Eat a lot of fruits; they have a lot of vitamins and they help process the proteins and carbs;
• Eat fruits outside the usual meals and lot after.
• Do grill your meat every time is possible

• Don’t eat red meat in every meal: excess can lead to high cholesterol levels even on healthy people
• Don’t drink soft drinks; and reduce consumption of tea
• Reduce the consumption of liver as boulfaf* as it is already very rich in fat



• Goat and sheep have the same level of cholesterol and there is no need to replace one with another.
• Don’t forget to practice sports daily, all year long but mainly during feast period.

Having one glass of NBS with your breakfast will give you energy for the whole day and help you control your portions; Enjoy another glass with your dinner to help you stay away from greasy meals at night, this will benefit your digestive system and help you stabilize your weight