Variety of lipsticks, glosses and lip lacquers can give you a vertigo: what to wear, what, and on what occasion? We asked official make-up artist for Oriflame Russia Alena Tereshchenko to make final clarity on this issue.

For our review, we took a lip gloss, a lacquer lipstick and matte mousse. Fluid consistency - the only thing that unites these three products, the rest they are very different. Let us take a closer look at each of them.

Gloss is easy to apply - it is best to do this with the individual brush included in the package, but also you can do it with your fingers or with a lipstick brush. This feature compensates the not-so high resistance of this product - it can always be applied again, if necessary, to correct makeup. It has nice touch and consistency of medium thickness, pleasant smell and the effect of gloss. Due to its reflective properties, it enlarges the lips - so you can use it over your favorite lipstick counter, because it, in addition, perfectly mixed with almost anything. Glitter has medium pigmentation, and therefore is an ideal choice for everyday makeup. This season, hottest lip gloss is the one without any sparkles and of lighter shades of the natural range.

Apply lacquer lipstick only with special brush that is included in package. You can skip pencil while using this lipstick. It’s degree of pigmentation increases depending on the number of layers. Mixing lacquer lipstick is not necessary, except if you want to get a new unusual hue. It has a strong moisturizing and caring effect and gives a nice buttery effect as of balm. Lacquer lipstick gives lips a visual volume due to reflective properties. The uniqueness of lacquer lipstick - very resistant pigments. Over time (eg, after a meal) lacquer effect is erased, but the color remains on the lips, and you can simply apply another layer. Ideal for going to a restaurant!

Apply the lipstick with a special brush in a tube. You can also use a pencil of a suitable shade. The texture is a thing: very nice, creamy - lipstick perfectly stays on the lips without using a balm. Typically, matte lipstick dry your lips, but not in this case - and this is a real breakthrough!

Matte lipstick - one of the hottest trends of the season, as bright and vibrant colors are well suited for spring and summer days. This is a great option for an evening or festive make-up with emphasis on the lips. Due to the high resistance and very strong pigmentation, it does not need frequent adjustments. Remember the main thing: if you want to use brighter shades of lipstick to look great, you need to create a perfect complexion first!
I do not recommend to mix matte mousse with other lipsticks and use it on a mature face to avoid underscores shortcomings thin lips.

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