How to shop for New Years

To pleasant Pre-new year rush have not turned into torture of choice and does not take away too much energy, just follow three simple rules of Christmas shopping.

We all love the New Year and look forward to its occurrence. However, often long before December 31, we are exhausted: agony of choice, traffic jams, long walks to the shops and fear that everything will be excessively expensive.

To vanity and doubt not to steal from you the spirit of Christmas, let's see the three main challenges facing each of us before the holidays, and try to find a decision for each of them.


From all sides - and especially before the New Year - we are told that we should have only the best, that is expensive and prestigious, because then we ourselves become better. Moreover, if the "best" is not available, we turn on the protective mechanism, saying to ourselves «we didn’t really want it that much." We drive our wishes deeper into ourselves, which leads to frustration and even depression. 

Solution: The best is the good’s enemy
Psychologists say, to avoid stress, you should not give up the choice or not accept only "the best», but learn to choose "good enough." Orienting to the real needs and the properties of things, rather than expensive and prestige.

1) What are you looking for: mascara or "mascara by price dinner at a restaurant"? Buy for yourself mascara "The ONE eyes wide open", for your girlfriends - "The ONE Wonderlash" and "The ONE Volume blast " and go to the restaurant together.

2) You need a night cream, your sister – matting one, your mother - anti-aging. Instead of one jar of a luxury brand buy two different creams "Optimals Oxygen boos" for yourself and sister, and for mother - a set of two mini-creams "Optimals Smooth Out".

Gifts and shopping, entertainment, appearance - every item in the list has its price. As a result, you constantly find yourself faced with a choice: to please yourself or your brother, child or parent, boyfriend or girlfriend. After deletion of too expensive items joyful anticipation leaves and gives way to apathy. Select the option to "please yourself" - you feel down and out selfish. Choose "to please others" - you feel like a victim. Vicious circle. 

Solution: The Saved - is the earned
Take care of yourself - it is a natural need. A person, who does not love himself, is not able to truly give. Take care of loved ones - another natural need, and to feel the psychological harmony, one should strive to meet both. The solution is simple: to save not on emotions and impressions, and optional, but tangible spending.

1) You can exercise before every holidays in December and January to go for a manicure in a beauty salon. Moreover, you can buy a collection of persistent nail polish The One, every day shine trendy manicure and saved money to spend on New Year's dress or shoes. In addition, you still will have enough for a Power Shine lip gloss.

2) Souvenirs for colleagues threaten to pour a lot of money and leave your child without new skis ? Budget alternative to expensive (and meaningless in the age of smartphones) diaries will be sets of hand creams "Love Nature».

Ran several shopping centers in different parts of the city to explore all the schedules and buy tickets, do not forget about the food, the Christmas tree and decorations for the house - at the thought of all these tests, it would be desirable to immediately lie down to sleep and wake up only on January 10 to go to work. 

Solution: They work when you rest
They - the numerous online stores, online services and service delivery. Use their ability to complete the program and to minimize off-line shopping. However, do not order it on one thing at twenty sites that do not turn your life into a logistical puzzle. 

Cousin Varya needs a freezer, her husband - a fishing rod, girlfriend Sveta - scarf, brother Misha - tennis rocket, his wife - a perfume. Now imagine how much time and effort you spend on it to implement the plan. There is an easier way to pick up all the gifts in accordance with the character and hobbies - the flavors. Sweet Tooth Varya - Lovely Garden, her husband, a fisherman - Midsummer Man, Creative Sveta 
- Tenderly Promise, athlete Misha - Eclat Homme Sport, and his 
cheerful wife - Lucia Starlight.

See how everything is simple and not at all scary. By using and combining these three effective techniques, you will create the magic of the holiday for you and your loved ones - without any extra expenditure, effort and nerves.

Words by: Photographs by: Fotolia