Step-by-step: How to thicken your eyebrows

Cara Delevingne made full eyebrows every girls’ beauty essential. And who doesn’t want thick, perfectly defined arches? Here’s how to become a brow-grooming expert – in no time at all.




Use an eyebrow brush to shape your arch and to comb hairs upwards to lift, adding volume. 







Pick an eye pencil that matches your hairs natural colouring and use it to fill in your brows. Use short, soft strokes that mimic the direction of your natural hairs. Then colour in any sparse areas. 





To add definition and pigment, dip an angled brush into a matte brown eyebrow shadow and apply to your brows. Create a gentle arch, making sure there are no sharp angles or points.






To keep everything in place and to set the look, comb an eyebrow gel through your hairs. 






Finish by rimming the bottom of your eyebrows with concealer, to add definition and keep brows looking tidy. 

To watch the video click here.

Words by: Photographs by: Victoria Stillwell, hair and makeup: Maja Söderlund