Step-by-step: The strobing technique

Who doesn’t want a fresh luminous-looking complexion? Unlike contouring (which relies on shadows) strobing consists of highlighting the parts of your face that light naturally hits. Follow our simple steps to getting instant radiance!



Start by applying a light coloured primer to your cheekbones, under your eyes, along your nose, and onto your chin.





Now, layer concealer on top of your primer.  Then apply concealer to the area between your jawline and cheekbones blending well so that the highlighted areas pop. 






It’s time to get that strobing effect! Pick a shimmering highlighter or even a cream-based, shimmering eye shadow, and apply it to the primed and concealed parts of your face.





Finally, to emphasise the strobed effect further, use a small brush to dust some matte powder on the areas you haven’t highlighted. This will heighten the contrast for a glowing finish!

To watch the video click here.

Words by: Photographs by: Victoria Stillwell, Hair & Makeup: Maja Söderlund