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Renowned as the ‘father of medicine’, Hippocrates was born in Kos around 460 BC. His legacy remains as one of the islands biggest points of pride. Justifiably, Kos is often referred to as the island of Hippocrates. 

Hippocrates believed that illness had a physical and rational cause and, in many cases, could be prevented. He was known for treating his patients on the basis of observation and with natural remedies.   

Hippocrates is considered one of the most prominent figures in the history of Western medicine. To this day, the oath of Hippocrates is sworn by medical practitioners and students upon their graduation. 

The Tree of Hippocrates is a famous landmark on Kos. It is said that the plane tree was planted by Hippocrates 24 centuries ago. Students would gather under this tree to listen to and learn from his great teachings. The diameter of the tree’s trunk is 4.7 metres wide and its perimeter stretches to 12 metres.